7/28 (1:00 AM):

- July is almost over and while I have grown tremendously, I have not spent my summer like I would have liked.

- The other day I had some spare tip money and I got my cartilage pierced with a little hoop like I’ve always wanted. 

 - I work all the time. 

 - My dog almost killed herself by getting into something and because of this accident I have lost tears and a good portion of money that I don’t have in the slightest (her vet bill is currently $1900). One thing I have achieved? Probably a few gray hairs. 

 - My manager sucks. 

- I got a parking ticket for something I was not informed of and now I have to go through a whole mess in hopes of getting it fixed (in case you were wondering, yes, my ticket is my manager’s fault). 

- Geico is refusing to send over my insurance to California and keeps telling me a need a new policy which means I need to switch my insurance pronto in hopes of not getting my license suspended. 

- I opened a savings account a few days before all of this and now all of my money will probably be going to a million other things instead of my savings. 

- My dad will not call me back and right now I REALLY need him to call me back. If I was ignoring his calls like he’s ignoring mine I know I’d get a very upset/passive aggressive message the next time we talked along the lines of “Oh! Glad to hear you’re actually alive!”
Come on dad, please call me back.

- Here’s to praying our landlord lets us stay one more month so that we get our new living situation set up without a rush.

- I miss my dog. I’m glad she’s okay.

- Thank god for my friends and family right now, I could not have gotten through this very sudden and surprising accident alone; whether that be emotionally, time-wise, or financially. 

- I miss a lot of things and I’m tired and stressed often. Balancing “trying to survive” with “trying to make memories” or “trying to make myself the best I can be” is very, very difficult.

I’m tired and life never seems to stop when it comes to it’s many difficulty levels. I think overall I’ve actually been very calm, but I’m hoping my “it’s not a huge deal” attitude doesn’t cause me to forget extremely important due dates and things of that sort. 

Pray for me guys, life could always be worse, but it’s definitely not easy at the moment.


"Rape jokes aren’t harmful!"
A 16 year old girl’s sexual assault just became a fucking meme in less than a day and you don’t think that has any correlation to people not taking rape seriously?

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