I’ve been trying to find a good balance with my body lately since my weight/muscle/fat/etc. has been changing and fluctuating for months and my mom’s wedding is coming up in September. I’m supposed to be a bridesmaid for this wedding and wear a dress that I purchased when I was a pretty low weight because my break up around Christmas caused me to stop eating very much (not out of body issues, just out of response to this big emotional change in my life.)
Now of course I eat normally and my weight has returned which is very bittersweet and I am terrified for this wedding that happens in under two months.
Everyone pray that I keep a healthy mind and body through this and it all works out for me please and thank you.

Thoughts (1:10 AM):

I gotta stop making goals that are over two weeks because then I set myself up for failure.
I have to start praising myself and focusing on small successes and letting those successes grow into much larger milestones. That way I can make myself a better, stronger person while also enjoying my day to day life.

All of Tahoe’s electricity is out which means leaving work early to get side of the road summer rolls (which were the size of my palm) from the best Thai place in town and getting leftover ice cream cookies from a cute mom and pop ice-cream shop! #tahoeshutdown2k14